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BIM and CAD Solutions

BIM (Building Information Modeling) includes the use of dynamic software (Example, Revit, Navisworks, 12d etc) that represents all the geometric characteristics of the project in 3 dimensions and incorporates data of the properties of each material, the quantities derived from the design as well as its adequate visual representation.

INCORCIVILES offers the necessary advice to guarantee the inherent promises when deciding to adopt BIM as a strategy for designing, documenting and developing the project itself. Such promises include:

  • Use of a single model to ensure consistency of all generated views of the model (plants, cuts, facades and details). Basically this consistency makes it possible that using BIM there is no possibility of lying and everything will be in place.
  • Project changes are generated in real time.
  • The coordination of designs of the different disciplines is done in a more efficient way avoiding the costs of a late detection of clashes.
  • The model itself is a permanent record for operation and maintenance purposes.

INCORCIVILES also offers specialized CAD services and for this has partnered with HiTech3D (Australian company specialized in 3D technologies, www.Hitech3D) for the purpose of providing the following services:

  • Rendering: photo realism for your architectural projects.
  • Digital Sculpture: involves modifying 3D files such as scans and freeform models to achieve your design goals.
  • Repair of 3D files: frequently exported CAD files may have errors that cause errors in 3D printing or that do not allow printing. INCORCIVILES offers you the necessary advice to correct your files.
  • Modeling and 3D printing.