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Budgeting and Cost Control

The budget process comprises stages such as:

  • Identification of direct and indirect costs.
  • Preliminary cost identifications.
  • Measurement and calculation of quantities of work.
  • Calculation of yields of materials and labor.
  • Updating prices of basic supplies and machinery and equipment.
  • Unit price formation an
  • Consolidation of the base budget (also called control budget).

INCORCIVILES can elaborate its budget either in the traditional way with the taking of quantities from the planes or using models in 3D (Revit) to extract the quantities. As a budget consolidation tool you can use the specific tool for this purpose as Construdata or Excel depending on its complexity.

Cost Control and Construction Program

Whether it is an existing program or an existing one, we are able to perform the following activities periodically according to your convenience (weekly, monthly or when you request it):

  • Control and Cost Projection.
  • EVM (Earn Value Management) or Earned Value reports.
  • EVM in sync with the construction program.
  • Flows of Expenditures.
  • Constructability Assessment.
  • Time acceleration / recovery programs and their cost.
  • Monitoring Assigned Resources.