Clear the way and the risks is the beginning

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Planning and Programming

Regardless of the sector (infrastructure, mining, gas, oil, residential or industrial) or the complexity of your project, INCORCIVILES offers the services to solve the questions of any project in terms of quality, quantity, cost and time. To develop the above we have the required experience as well as the necessary technical tools.

Construction Project Planning

Due to the unique nature of the projects, specific studies and analyzes are necessary to achieve the client's own objectives. INCORCIVILES is able to advise and carry out the following for the success of its project:

  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Definition of scope and specifications.
  • Identification and Analysis of Risks.

Work Schedule

INCORCIVILES uses industry-standard methods for program development and software tools such as Microsoft Project and Primavera (including Claim Digger) to develop, monitor, and report on the progress of your project, so that management is informed in a timely manner. quick and accurate project events, potential problems and corrective actions

We have the experience required to carry out extensive programs (with more than 10,000 activities) that meet standards that verify the basic parameters of a program. Logic tests, identification of excessive durations, negative duration links, floats, Critical Path Length Index, and others are done to ensure the quality of the program, and adequate allocation of resources.