Guarantee the quality of the building

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Technical Supervision

The obligation of the Technical Supervision of Work, contemplated in the Colombian Regulation of Construction Resistant Seism NSR-10 in its Title I and Law 1796/2016, focuses on and obliges us to ensure the construction complies with its designs.

Through the detailed and strategic monitoring of the work, from its stage of foundation, structure and masonry, it is corroborated the fulfillment of the designs and requirements recorded in the respective studies and construction plans. The suitability of soils, structural elements and non-structural elements is checked and approved.

We require the preparation of the necessary laboratory tests to the materials used and the presentation of the certificates of quality of the same. The control and analysis of the obtained results guarantee the final diagnosis of the quality of the executed work.

The issuance of the partial and final works, certify the completion of the works carried out.


The law came into force on July 13, 2016 and expressly states the following:

The law came into force on July 13, 2016 and expressly states the following:

All buildings equal to or greater than 2,000 square meters of constructed area must be technically supervised Independent. In addition, they must comply with the obligation of having an independent technical supervisor buildings that do not reach 2,000 m2, when requested by the structural designer or engineer geotecnista, after evidencing complexity in the constructive procedures or in the materials.


Independent technical supervision is the verification performed on the work by an independent professional of the builder to ensure that the building is executed in accordance with the structural designs and the urban license The independent technical supervisor issues as proof of their work, public knowledge supervision minutes, a copy of which must be sent to the authorities responsible for exercising urban control in the municipality or district. Additionally, once the work is completed, the independent technical supervisor is in charge of granting the technical certification of occupancy, without which it is not possible to transfer or occupy the properties. ​